Yaogun Mixtapes


The one-two-three-four has been employed in the service of great music from the get-go. A good one sets the stage, a Great one does that and more. Yaogun's count-offs are no exception. Herewith, one, two, three, four tunes.

The Numbers Game

(c) Jonathan Campbell all rights reserved


“Higher Being” 高級動物

from the album

Dark Dream (1994)

Dou Wei 窦唯


“Marsman” 火星人

from the album

China Fire Vol II (1996)

Zhou Ren  周韧

3. “I Want Beer”, by Joyside, from 2004’s Drunk is Beautiful.

2. “Down”, Subs, from 2006's Down. Below, live in Shanghai in 2009:

4. “Bastards of the Nation”, by Demerit, from 2008’s Bastards of the Nation.

1. "Rock and Roll on the New Long March" by Cui Jian, from 1989's album of the same name. Live performance in 1992.