Yaogun Through the Years


Yaogun is the sum of all of the steps on the long, strange march to today – and tomorrow.

Thus, in aid of context, a timeline, highlighting yaogun’s journey and that of its homeland.

In further aid of context: what was happening in rock and roll’s motherland at the same time.

Part I: Prehistory

The end of imperial China, and the beginnings of China (it only sounds unrelated to yaogun)

Part II: History

The People’s Republic in the fifties and sixties

Part III: PRC 2.0

China slowly recovers from Mao and meets the world

(c) 2011 jonathan campbell, all rights reserved

Part IV: The Eighties

Rock seeps in; yaogun seeps through

Part V: The Nineties

The opening up of yaogun

Part VI: 2K and Beyond

The aughts and the new new China